New Smart GPS Shoes

Written by Manisha Kanetkar     01/02/2007 | 00:02 | Category: OUTDOOR

Keeping track of your loved ones has never been so easy (or so spy-like) with the new Xplorer smart GPS shoes designed by GTXC.

New Smart GPS Shoes

The company boasts the shoes incorporate the smallest, most powerful and robust GPS tracking device currently available. GTXC says they are ideal for caretakers of children or the elderly to easily monitor the location of their charges.

So, for example, they can preset perimeters of safe zones or unsafe zones, and then receive mobile phone alerts if a perimeter is breached by the wearer. This is handled by what the company calls its 'set-it-and-forget-it' Dual GeoFencing feature.

The tracking device can also last days before requiring a recharge and transmit its signal strength over the air, GTXC says.

"The Xplorer smart GPS tracking shoe is the first of wearable electronics that enhances lifestyle and peace of mind.  This disruptive technology is projected to transform the way people think about buying clothing and footwear," said company CEO, Patrick Bertagna.

The shoes have just debuted at the World Shoe Association show in Las Vegas. GTXC says it has already signed new licenses and identified several opportunities including the military, maritime and law enforcement. No word yet on when and if we can expect them in Australia.