New Marine Speakers

Written by Lilia Guan     30/08/2005 | 05:29 | Category: OUTDOOR

Professional and consumer loudspeaker company JBL, has released two new models for their Marine range.

New Marine Speakers

JBL Marine speakers have been designed specifically for marine applications. A waterproof motor structure, sealed cones and integrated grills ensure that the speakers will stay afloat for years.

The new JBL MS6200 and MS9200 loudspeakers are designed specifically for marine applications. Both these speakers not only sound like JBL, they also perfectly fit in with the uncompromising JBL design policy and holds up even after excessive exposure to sun, water and salt. A sealed magnet protects the oversized motor structure from water and the grille mounted tweeter - allows for the sealing of the front of the woofer cone, protecting the motor structure from sea spray and wash-downs. The stainless steel mounting hardware - included with both models

The JBL MS6200 and MS9200 are priced at $149.00 pair and $199.00 pair respectively.