New Panasonic Power Tools Push Battery Performance

Written by Matthew Lentini     04/05/2011 | 03:10 | Category: OUTDOOR

Panasonic joins the league of electronics competitors like Hitachi and power tool heavyweights like Makita with the introduction of 18 volt power tools to its professional power tool line up.

The 18 volt selection of heavy duty Li-ion tools are a first for Panasonic and provide higher power, speed and durability than the previous (and new) 14 volt range.

The water and dust resistant tools are outfitted with new battery packs that improve air ventilation for improved heat management and a redesigned detachment mode for simple battery swapping.

The new high performance models include the Drill and Driver with Hammer (EY7950LR2S57), Drill and Driver (EY7450LR2S57), Impact Driver (EY7550LR2S57) and Impact Wrench (EY7551LR2S57).

The Drill and Drivers feature a four-brushed motor that can operate under heavy loads with less chance of a motor burn-out. The Drill and Driver with Hammer, specifically, comes with a 2-speed gear box that can be used to power through brick and masonry work.

Also being introduced is a range of three new 14 volt tools that provide the lighter weight option to the 18 volt varieties, including a Drill and Driver (EY7442LR2S57), Impact Driver (EY7546LR2S57) and Impact Wrench (EY7547LR2S57).

The 18 volt models come with a  3.3Ah Li-ion battery, a 65 minute charging system, 18-stage clutch plus drill position, 13mm heavy-duty keyless chuck, variable speed control, LED support light, electric brake and an extra battery.

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