No More Excuses For Not Trimming Your Bush

Written by Sarah Falson     30/10/2007 | 04:41 | Category: OUTDOOR

Victa has launched a range of new garden trimmers with bent, straight, split and solid shaft options, all designed to make the most amateur garden enthusiast confident getting down and dirty in the scrub.

No More Excuses For Not Trimming Your Bush

Three models are included in the range - the Victa Tornado bent, split shaft trimmer for compact spaces (RRP $229); the Victa Tornado Plus with a straight, split shaft which is designed for all-purpose domestic trimming (RRP $299); and the Victor Razor with a 7mm diameter straight, solid shaft, designed for more professional users who require durability (RRP $369).

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The Tornado is designed for easy trimming in the garden.

Each model was developed to eliminate traditional trimming and edging hassles, simultaneously making looking after the garden easier than ever, according to Victa.

The major pull of this range is the new 'Easy Change' feature, which eliminates common line-feed problems.

"Jammed or tangled line is one of the most frustrating aspects of using a traditional 'bump head' trimmer, but with the Victa 'Easy Change' TM cast alloy head and line system those issues are a thing of the past, changing the pre-cut line lengths is quick and easy," says the company.

The trimmers all feature ergonomic handles too, which are adjustable to suit both the user and the job at hand.

"This also means its easier to control the trimmer in little nooks and crannies, and with the in-built controls conveniently located at your fingertips there's no more fiddling for the right button," said Victa.

Other important features include 26CC full-crank 2-stroke engines, easy-starting mechanisms, in-built clutches and anti-vibration technology.

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