LG Keeps It Fresh With New Door-In-Door Refrigerators

Written by Martin Kovacs     18/08/2015 | 22:40 | Category: REFRIGERATORS

LG has released two new refrigerators in its Door-in-Door range, featuring CustomChill drawer technology, while also today revealing a number of insights about the eating habits of Australians.

LG Keeps It Fresh With New Door-In-Door RefrigeratorsThe two new models, the 910 litre GF-AD910SL and the 701 litre GF-AD701SL, offer preset temperature settings separate to the main refrigerator body temperature, ranging from -1 to 5 degrees Celsius, allowing storage of different foods at different temperatures.

CustomChill technology allows users to choose a preset temperature to suit their needs, entirely independent from the rest of the refrigerator.

"There's a tangible passion for food, and particularly the provenance of that food, in Australia," Jennifer Osborne, LG Australia home appliance marketing manager, noted.

"We feel that Australian home chefs will see a real value in keeping their carefully selected ingredients at the optimum temperature."

Other features of the new models, which feature a stainless steel finish design, include: a Pure N Fresh deodoriser system, by which a fan-assisted carbon deodoriser forces odour-filled air through the deodoriser, sending it back across three different shelving levels via the ducting, and BioShield technology, with the door seals on the refrigerators containing antibacterial agents, helping prevent the growth of bacteria and mould.

Meanwhile, in the event of an error, Smart Diagnosis lets users use the LG app (or make a phone call to the LG Customer Information Centre) to help find a solution.

In conjunction with the release of the new models, LG has released research undertaken in July into how Australians cook and dine.

The research found that 77.5 per cent of Australians state that what they eat is either important or very important to them, while 49.1 per cent said that food is either important or very important to their social life.

LG's research additionally revealed that 60.4 per cent of Australians said they cook for themselves or their family at least five times per week, with 34.4 per cent stating that quality was the number one thing they look for when choosing fresh foods.

Australians are also eating healthier, with 52.1 per cent of Australians stating they eat more fruit and vegetables, 52.4 per cent stating they are more concerned about where their food comes from and 49.7 per cent stating they cook at home more frequently.

Half of Australians try a new recipe at least once a month, with 40 per cent stating they incorporate more
international cuisine into their cooking than 10 years ago, with meat and two veg (34 per cent), pasta (14 per cent) and stir-fry (9.5 per cent) the top three styles of food cooked most often by Australians at home.

Meanwhile, far fewer dinners are occurring at the dinner table, with 53.4 per cent of Australians stating they eat dinner at the dinner table most often and 41.1 per cent of Australians stating they eat dinner in front of the TV most often, compared to 76.3 per cent of Australians stating that in their youth they ate most often at the dinner table and only 20.3 per cent stating they ate most often in front of the TV.

"At LG, we feel our new Door-in-Door refrigerator with CustomChill drawer is well-suited to Australians who invest in their ingredients," Osborne commented.

"The LG CustomChill drawer allows them to choose from a range of preset temperatures to suit their needs, independent from the rest of the fridge. Therefore, our consumers can select a pre-temperature to help keep their carefully selected ingredients at the appropriate temperature."

The GF-AD701SL carries a price tag of $5,499 RRP and the GF-AD910SL $5,799 RRP.