Beko's Feature Laden Fridges Have Great Styling And Cool Prices

Written by Peter Familiari     22/04/2015 | 00:00 | Category: REFRIGERATORS

Beko, a home appliance manufacturer is a titan with over 440 million customers in more than 100 countries.


Beko has most domestic appliance needs covered with lovely ranges of highly spec'd products for every room of a home, the brands fridges stand out for their features and value for money price tags.


The very latest models cover a multitude of fridge requirements and include three side by side and one  four-door model.


When it comes to fridges ''stylish'' isn't an accolade worth bestowing on the majority of clunkers on sale these days.


But pause to look at these four fridges and you'd have to say each has an understated elegance created by their modern minimalist, uncluttered exteriors.


One thing's for sure.  Beko's new fridges will look good in any kitchen setting where they'll provide years of family service, quietly and unobtrusively. Which is what you want from a fridge over the long haul.


Speaking of quietness, Beko has done a power of research and when it comes to fridges, most consumers want theirs to perform with whisper amounts of quietness.


You'll get this, along with energy efficiency and much, much more with all these new models.


Features of the new range are Active Fresh Blue Light, Active Ionizer, Odour Filter, Active Seal Guard, Frost Free System, Twist and Serve Ice Cube Tray, Glass Shelves and our favourite-Finger Free Stainless Steel.


Active Fresh Blue Light works to make your fresh fruit and vegetables last longer and preserving their delicious flavor.


Active Ionizer combats bacteria, viruses and other unwanted particles in a fridge. Air circulated within the fridge keeps the interior clean and prolongs food life.


Odour Filter. No one wants a smelly fridge so Beko designed filters working with circulated air to kill bacteria and keep food fresh.


Active Seal Guard uses an antibacterial door seal to stop bacteria forming and getting inside the fridge.


Frost Free System prevents ice forming on food, delivers the right temperature to preserve food and eliminates the need for de-frosting.


Finger Print Free Stainless seal uses a special coating on selected models to avoid fingerprints leaving your fridge clean and sparkling.


Glass Shelves target safety and use tempered safety glass. They're also adjustable and have surrounds to stop spillage to the shelves below.


The largest of the new fridges is the GNE134750X, a 725 litre, stainless Steel 4 door model. And yes, that glistening stainless steel is protected from finger prints by a special coating.


Features include NeoFrost Technology, Multi-Zone Compartment, Active Fresh Blue light, Active ionizer, Active Odour Filter and Active Seal Guard.


The GN163020X is a stainless steel side-by-side fridge with a 641 Litre capacity. It has a fast cooling function as well as a freshstore compartment. Four full depth spill proof glass shelves provide plenty of storage and the sliding dual bottle rack is chrome coated.


Smart features comprise, NeoFrost, Active Fresh Blue light, Active Ionizer, Active Odour Filter and Active Seal Guard.


Stainless Steel finish may be all the rage, but many people prefer a white fridge to match their kitchen d?cor. With this in mind Beko offers the GN163020W White side-by-side fridge with its 641 litre capacity.


Peering inside the fridge in low light conditions is made easy via lovely LED lights on the sidewalls. It has a welcome dairy compartment, sliding full width chrome coated bottle rack while the freezer has a fast freezing function, twist and serve ice maker and two freezer drawers.


Leading edge technology on this model are NeoFrost, Active Fresh Blue light, Active Ionizer, Active Odour Filter and Active Seal Guard.


The GN16230X is a stainless steel side-by-side fridge with a 631 litre capacity. Inside are a plumbed automatic water dispenser, freshstore compartment, two twelve-egg capacity trays, dairy compartment and chrome coated, full width bottle rack.


Like the bigger models, this one has NeoFrost Technology, Active Fresh Blue light, Active Ionizer, Active Odour Filter and Active Seal Guard.