Samsung Welcomes Washing Machine Legislation Change

Written by Martin Kovacs     14/12/2015 | 12:15 | Category: WASHING MACHINES

Samsung has welcomed government legislation change for washing machine capacity testing and labelling, stating that it "will be among the first brands in Australia to provide verified testing and labelling for washing machines with a load capacity of more than 10 kg".

Samsung Welcomes Washing Machine Legislation ChangeThe federal government announced last month that it has updated The Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (Clothes Washing Machines) Determination 2015, designed to regulate the way brands communicate the size, capacity and energy ratings of washing machines they offer in Australia, Samsung noted.

Samsung stated the changes also impact "the minimum energy requirements for the personal and domestic use of washing machines and contains a more flexible approach to where energy labels may be applied".

"Samsung welcomes this move by government which will allow us to better communicate how the emerging ultra-large capacity range of washing machines may benefit Australian households and lifestyles," Mike Lilly, Samsung Electronics Australia head of home appliances, commented.

Samsung's recently released Australians@HOME research revealed that 56 per cent of Australians in households with large families (of five or more people) want their next washing machine to be a large or ultra-large machine.

"Our research has shown that households with five or more people are doing an average of eight laundry loads every week," Lilly stated.

"This presents a huge opportunity for Samsung and its retail partners to supply solutions that can help those households reduce the number of washes with a larger machine."