RTiPanel App Makes Remote Automation Simple

Written by Tony Ibrahim     10/08/2011 | 02:49 | Category: GENERAL

RTI has released its new RTiPanel app which brings RTI's control solutions to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

RTiPanel App Makes Remote Automation Simple

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RTiPanel on iPad
Once installed on any of these products, users will have control over their automation systems remotely through their XP series RTI processor.

A license is required for each device that will have access to the automated system, and are available from Australian distributor Avation.

The app is the final piece needed to achieve an Apple controlled interface and is currently available for download from Apple's iTunes store.

Combined with Integration Designer 8.2, they work together to achieve a remote 2-way experience. Additionally, by using an Apple product to manage the system, users are familiar how it works and only face a small learning curve.

RTiPanel features include:
·Easy to program from Integration Designer 8.2
·Complete customisation, ranging from content to Graphic User Interface
·Operates in portrait and landscape, with the graphic and button layout up to users
·Two-way control with cover art, sliders, button text, item lists, gauges, and more
·Can be operated anywhere a wireless or 3G data connection is available