We Pick The Best Automation Products for 2011

Written by SmartHouse Team     21/12/2010 | 23:13 | Category: GENERAL

Smart home management is getting more affordable with products that are easier to use. In our opinion, these products were the best.

Best Automation Management System
Control 4

Excelling at letting separate and isolated systems within the home to talk to each other, this system is the leader of the pack when it comes to adding an amazing list of 'smart behaviours' to your home. Once set up, you will definitely feel the increased level of comfort, convenience and safety that Control4 products bring to home automation.

Highly Commended
Switch Automation

Best Lighting Control System
Philips Dynalite

Whether its general lighting, task lighting or accent lighting, Philips Dynalite gives you the power to transform a space to suit any mood. Combining functionality with stylish design, you get the widest range of solutions for all the lighting applications within your home, with feature rich colour touchscreen control to set the scene.

Best Energy Management
Intel Intelligent Home Energy Management

When it comes to saving energy, this brand new technology promises users and utility companies the ability to manage energy, billing and content information more accurately and efficiently, delivering real time information on how energy is both used and can be saved everyday.


Best Distributed Audio System
AMX Tango

The best part about this multiroom audio system, apart from great sound of course, is that it has been built with style in mind. This versatile system has won accolades all over the world, for its fine tuning ability, and expansion capability which can be set out and displayed or tucked discreetly behind the scenes. And upgradeable touch panels provide centralised control in every room.

Highly Commended