Future-Proof Controller From Dynalite

Written by Mike Wheeler     05/11/2008 | 21:58 | Category: LIGHTING

Ideal for home automation and hotel suite control applications, the DIN rail-mountable DDMC802GL multi-purpose controller from Dynalite that is claims is not only future-proof, but features a unique hardware-configurable design, where plug-in output cards accommodate specific loads assigned to the system.

Future-Proof Controller From Dynalite

"No two control systems are alike, and the range of control requirements is ever increasing," said Phil Main, Dynalite Business Development Manager. "By providing the ability to use load-specific modules - whether for luminaire dimming or automation of blinds, curtains or fans - there's a huge reduction in the waste caused by unused channels in conventional control approaches. Moreover, the system is fully future-proof. A total system upgrade means no more than substituting individual modules. These are all key ingredients for a sustainable future."

Both the new DDMC802GL and existing DDMC802 modular controllers can control a wide range of loads - including trailing-edge or leading-edge phase control dimmers, HF ballast control (individually programmable DALI, 1-10V and DSI), relay control, fan and curtain control. This makes them the ideal solution for home and hotel automation applications requiring functionality beyond mere lighting control. Moreover, the modular approach ensures an attractive price-point.

Featuring eight channels with a nominal load per channel of 2A, the DDMC802GL (general load) multi-purpose controller can accept up to four dual-channel or two quad-channel plug-in modules/cards for different loads. The total box load is module-specific up to 16A. Alternatively, for applications requiring maximum flexibility, the landmark DDMC802 - featuring eight single-channel plug-in module slots - can be loaded to a total box load of 16A in all card configurations.

Like all Dynalite control systems, the DDMC802GL multi-purpose controller is founded on Dynalite's distributed control philosophy, where control intelligence is distributed about the network and linked via Dynalite's peer-to-peer communications serial bus network, DyNet. Each controller is programmed according to the specific loads it controls, acting upon instructions from user panels or sensors integrated via the DyNet network. Programming access is facilitated by a RS485 DyNet port located on the front of each controller, allowing local network and controller access via PC, without dismantling any equipment. A total of 170 pre-set scenes can be stored on the network for each controlled area.

Other features of the DDMC802GL multipurpose controller include the provision of eight programmable dry contact inputs for hardwiring components to the controller (such as security system override), and an optional clock module, located on the motherboard in order to avoid consuming slot space. Also included is a local override control on the front panel of each controller that allows on/off control of each individual channel in the unlikely event of network failure.