Hitachi Lighting Cuts UV Rays By 75%

Written by Emma Baker     06/05/2010 | 01:28 | Category: LIGHTING

Hitachi's latest UV-cut fluorescent tubes - the 28W T5 UV-cut skinny fluorescent tubes - reduce UV rays by 75%.

Hitachi Lighting Cuts UV Rays By 75%

UV rays emitted from interior pelmet, display and ceiling lighting can cause premature colour fading in a variety of retail products - from jeans to magazine covers and everything in between.

UV rays can also cause light fittings to become brittle and potentially dangerous over time, and can attract swarming insects and bugs, which then die in the fitting and require constant maintenance. Prolonged exposure to UV rays is also potentially harmful to human eyes.

Hitachi's latest UV-cut fluorescent tubes are coated on the inside with a UV light-reducing material, making them gentle on eyes, skin and the merchandise.

Hitachi and their Australian distributor ANL Lighting, said the new 28W T5s also boast a longer 25,000 hour life, a low mercury content level of 2.5mg and increased operating efficiencies.

The T5 UV-cut tubes are available in warm and cool white, natural, and daylight. They also have a colour spectral and colour rendering very close to natural light, making them a popular choice for many art galleries around the world.

ANL expects demand for the Hitachi T5 UV-cut to come from the retail and restaurant industries as well as office, medical and education sectors.