Switch Automation Announces New Lighting Module

Written by Mendelson Tiu     20/08/2009 | 01:12 | Category: LIGHTING

Switch Automation has launched a new BTicino driver module that allows control and integration of the lighting system from its user interfaces.

Switch Automation Announces New Lighting Module

BTicino controllable devices include switches, dimmers, relays and sensors which form a part of the Bticino home network and can be controlled on an easy to use interface with either a customised floor plan or by device type.

The integrator is able to easily program the system using basic logic commands with the unique integrator interface or for more complex logic, utilise scripting languages such as VB script.

The Bticino lighting driver is an extension to the Switch Automation lighting module which can also be integrated with Clipsal C-Bus, Dynalite and HPM iControl.