Expandable Multi-Zone Receiver From Niles

Written by Mike Wheeler     09/03/2009 | 22:35 | Category: MULTI-ROOM

A new all-in-one multi-room, multi-zone controller is expandable and can distribute and control up to four audio sources, as well as output up to four listening zones, making it suitable for small to medium-sized projects.

Expandable Multi-Zone Receiver From Niles

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The ZR-4's eight channels delivers 20 Watts or a total of 40 Watts per zone. It comes with a built-in AM/FM tuner and four digital stereo amplifiers.

As an adjunct to a two or three zone 'surround sound receiver' it is claimed to offer more flexibility or volume control, tone control and source selection than what is usually featured in such amplifiers, claims them manufacturer.

In addition, there are Zone 4 pre-amp outputs and 12volt trigger for adding additional power amplifier/s. It is expandable up to eight zones by linking a second ZR-4 multi-zone receiver kit. RS232 and discrete IR control for each zone provides a seamless integration with secondary control systems such as Niles IC2TM Home Theatre Control system.

The unit is configured to link up four zones together, so that turn-on/turn-off and source selection work in unison, each zone still retains independent control over volume, bass, treble and variable loudness.

There are four single-gang in-wall keypads and three infra-red micro sensors each capable of identifying source components and multi-function remote control included in the kit.