New Multi Room Control System From RTI

Written by Wire Service     23/11/2009 | 21:40 | Category: MULTI-ROOM

Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) is set to launch a new range of ZigBee based control systems including a new multi room system that can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

The two new processors include the MRP-64 multiroom control processor and ZRP-6 central control processor. Both have RS-232 ports that allow for bidirectional communications from compatible devices for status feedback such as temperature, lighting, security, and device management.

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The new processors will easily link with  RTI's latest two-way and ZigBee-enabled handheld and in-wall controllers.

The MRP-64 acts as an interface between multizone A/V systems and an assortment of RTI's two-way-enabled in-wall and handheld controllers. According to RTI, it's the first control device developed to leverage the multizone capabilities built into today's surround receivers. To simplify distribution to multiple zones, the unit offers six built-in keypad ports for RTI's in-wall controllers and features four independent and one high IR output ports, three voltage trigger outputs, three assignable voltage sense inputs, and an IR signal input. The MRP-64 features an Ethernet port for two-way communications with compatible RTI in-wall controllers as well as convenient programming and future expansion capabilities.

The ZRP-6, paired with the latest version of RTI's Integration Designer programming software, offers integration with third-party devices allowing installers to program their RTI handheld remotes or in-wall touch-screen controllers for complete integration with media servers, thermostats, lighting, multiroom audio, security, and other electronic systems.


 The ZRP-6 features built-in IR routing and pass-through, relay control, 12-VDC trigger outputs, and sense inputs to allow events to be triggered from these third-party devices. The ZRP-6 also features an Ethernet port for two-way communication with compatible RTI in-wall controllers, convenient programming, and future expansion capabilities. Unlike simple IR-to-RF converters, the ZRP-6 stores all system IR commands and macros within a central unit, ensuring reliable and predictable operation.