HPM Delivers Multi-Room Audio System

Written by Manisha Kanetkar     24/09/2007 | 00:01 | Category: MULTI-ROOM

HPM has added a new multi-room distributed audio system to its Harmony home network system, which it says is ideal for use in both homes and commercial environments.

HPM Delivers Multi-Room Audio System

The new system is designed to deliver simultaneous audio from four different sources to up to four different locations on a property. It also features a broadcast function that can be accessed on each wall unit.

The main component of the system is the Audio Module, which receives line level audio signals from each source and distributes them to the chosen locations around the property.

You can also distribute the music to up to 16 zones by adding a 4 Audio Splitter Module. In this case, input line signals can also be multiplied to drive up to four audio modules, effectively turning the audio system into a 4 input, 16-zone system.

The third part of the system is the Wall Unit - which can be installed in each zone or room. These allow you to select the audio source you wish to listen to as well as adjust volume, bass and treble. These units can be operated manually or via an IR remote control which comes standard with the Audio Module. Or, you can use your existing remote control with the wall unit if an IR emitter is included in the installation.

HPM says all modules fit neatly in Harmony's metal enclosures, which can be positioned in a discreet location on the property.

See: www.hpm.com.au 

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