No Cost Update For HAI Customers

Written by Tony Ibrahim     13/07/2011 | 01:46 | Category: REMOTE CONTROLS

A new update has been released for Snap-Link home automation software that gives customers better management of their home and business systems.

No Cost Update For HAI Customers

The update from Home Automation Inc (HAI) now includes the management of audio, humidity, user settings and access control from a Windows PC, contributing to Snap Link's existing management repertoire of lights, security, temperature and IP surveillance cameras.

Snap Link's award winning software plugs into any PC and gives customers remote home/business management. HAI say the software also grants access to Hi-Fi 2 distributed audio systems (including metadata), dehumidifiers/humidifiers and user settings such as irrigation and wake-up time.

The software update is available to existing Snap Link customers and at no additional cost.