HAI Automation Brings Room Control Profiles To Apple iPhone

Written by Tony Ibrahim     07/09/2011 | 00:49 | Category: REMOTE CONTROLS

Home Automation Inc (HAI) has updated how its technology manages the home by incorporating independent room management via iOS devices. Using an iPhone, iPod or iPad, entire rooms can be managed from a single page, with areas such as lighting, climate, audio and video being managed remotely.

HAI Automation Brings Room Control Profiles To Apple iPhone

The advancement is been made possible through HAI's PC Access software, enabling dealers to create room profiles that catalogue different automated devices. Once done, simply access the dedicated profile to customise the room without affecting the rest of the house.

Profiles such as "Living Room" will be able to manage the home entertainment system, lighting, and climate independently, creating an independent room atmosphere.

HAI's controller has also benefitted from an update now storing the settings of IP devices, such as IP surveillance cameras, resulting in easier installation since the system automatically retrieves its settings.

"The room enhancement is particularly useful for large residences and small commercial spaces, some of which have over 200 lighting loads and dozens of thermostats", explained HAI President, Jay McLellan.  "This architectural change, along with the storing of installation settings, is an impressive installation development that for our dealers."

The new updates will be available within this September and are backwards compatible. Also, people using Snap-Link Mobile for iPhone will receive free upgrades.