Control Your Home Remotely With Belkin's WeMo

Written by Tony Ibrahim     25/09/2013 | 17:21 | Category: REMOTE CONTROLS

Belkin's WeMo range brings some of the features you'd find in expensive home automation systems to any wifi-enabled home for a fraction of the price.

Control Your Home Remotely With Belkin
This is how it works: by plugging in your device into the WeMo Switch, be it an air conditioner, heater, computer or any other electronic gizmo, you can remotely turn it off or on. A free application expands on this functionality by powering down your device on a timer. 

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Going one further is the WeMo Switch+Motion. By throwing in a motion sensor, the tech in your house can turn devices on when you enter a room, such as a lamp, and then power them down when you leave. Thanks to an easy-to-use iOS app, and 3G or WiFi connectivity, home owners can easily automate the technology populating their home. Best of all, these are modular devices, meaning you can buy as many or as few as you need, whether it's in one bulk purchase or little-by-little over time. Both WeMo Switch and Switch and Motion are now available for Android users. Rounding off Belkin's WeMo range is the WeMo Baby and by placing it in your newborn's room it'll stream high quality audio to your iPhone. It's a versatile device as it allows multiple iPhones to pick up the stream, accommodating mum, dad and even the baby sitter. 

Break out Box: For $5.49, the Evoz powered app will notify parents when their baby is crying via text or email and will generate an analysis of a baby's patterns, both crying and sleeping.