New Crestron Touch Screens

Written by David Richards     23/08/2005 | 09:29 | Category: SCREENS

AMX and Creston are set to go head to head with both companies delivering new home automation touchscreen in time for the up coming CEDIA Expo in the USA.

New Crestron Touch Screens

Crestron has introduced its next generation of Isys® TPS touchpanels. The products will be shown for the first time at the CEDIA US Expo. According to Creston,  they deliver enhanced graphics capabilities and faster processing speed. They will also be available in a choice of black or white wall mount versions and in a 12"or a 15" display, or a 17" widescreen display. Crestron TPS touchpanels feature composite, component and S-video inputs, bi-amplified speaker system, built-in microphone, and both standard CAT5 and Crestron QuickMedia (QM) connectivity up to 300 feet using inexpensive UTP wire.

TPS touchpanels feature a 32-bit Motorola ColdFire® Microprocessor to produce full-color graphics with lightning-fast performance. TPS touchpanels also deliver  24-bit graphics and brighter displays with improved contrast at any viewing angle, they also support enhanced GUI capabilities such as high-resolution graphics and images, dynamic text, full-motion video, animation, multimode objects, translucency and transition effects. The operating system and onboard memory ensure optimum performance. Graphical objects appear instantly, pages redraw faster, and new pages open quicker than ever due to the additional memory and onboard processors.

TPS touchpanels accept composite, component and S-video inputs standard with no expansion cards required. The display window on all TPS touchpanels is scalable up to full-screen. Video signal enhancement features such as the built-in scaler with motion adaptive deinterlacing, gamma correction, time-base correction and 3:2/2:2 pull-down maintain the optimum, high-quality video image on the touchpanel display.

Complementing the impressive video display is the high-powered, biamplified speaker system onboard the new TPS touchpanels. These latest Crestron panels pump out high-quality audio over a 10-watt 2-way speaker system. The built-in microphone provides intercom functionality.

Crestron's new TPS Series of touchpanels are fully compatible with standard CAT5 connectivity and Crestron'sQuickMeida (QM) transport. QM is Crestron technology that streamlines presentation system design and simplifies installation by transmitting virtually all audio and video signals, and standard 10/100BaseT Ethernet over a single CAT5e or CAT6 type cable.

For more information about the new Isys TPS Series touchpanels contact Creston Control Solutions on 02 9737 8203