Swann Shows New Smart Swann One DIY Home Automation + Security System At CES

Written by David Richards     08/01/2015 | 03:41 | Category: SECURITY & INTERCOMS

Melbourne based security Company Swann Security who are a major exhibitor at CES 2015 have received a lot of attention for their new Swann One home automation system.

Swann Shows New Smart Swann One DIY Home Automation + Security System At CES
The Linux based system which recognises Wi Fi, Z Wave and Zigbee based devices also recognizes current model Swann digital products.

The system which has advanced security features such as being able to recognise gun shots, or a Window breaking will be available in Australia from February.

The hub which has a USB port can also operate without being attached to mains power for up to six hours due to a built in battery, also has an interchangeable cover which can be swapped out for different colours. 

ChannelNews was shown the system yesterday at CES.

All of the Swann attached devices are able to detect audio and motion, the system can also be linked with a Kwickset lock system.

Owners of a Swann One system can attach a small dongle similar to a security token to a key ring, this allows the system to recognise an authorised owner or user of the system so that alarms don't go off when entering an alarmed premises.
The SwannOne hub connects wirelessly to multiple products, including the Swann SoundView Camera that delivers encrypted HD video streaming, motion detection, and night vision.

Streaming content can be linked to cloud-storage for a monthly fee.

When the camera's built-in microphone detects and identifies sounds such as breaking glass, car alarms, a baby's cry or gun shots it immediately notifies users via an SMS message.

Owners can use a smartphone or tablet, to monitor and control the cameras attached to the Swann One hub using the recently developed Swann One app.
Built in sensors and smart plugs are able to turn lights and appliances on and off, there are also a smart climate control, and smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors.
The system also features external and internal alarms.

Plans are also available for professional security monitoring.