Swann Home Security Now More Affordable

Written by Mendelson Tiu     24/09/2010 | 01:35 | Category: SECURITY & INTERCOMS

Swann Australia announced a new line of do it yourself alarms at an affordable price. These new products can be used as standalone alarm systems or in conjunction with its home surveillance solutions.

Swann Home Security Now More Affordable

Swann Magnetic Keypad Alarm
The Home Series Alarm Range includes a variety of window, door and general motion detection alarms that emit a loud siren once a breach has been detected. Swann's Home Series Alarm Range focuses on securing entrances, specifically doors and windows.

Swann's Window Alarm detects the vibration of a window during an attempted forced entry and has a loud siren (110db+) that provides strong deterrence against intruders. It is easy to install, has a single push button for battery testing, a high/low sensitivity selection and on/off switch. It is available for $12.95.

The Magnetic Window Alarm is a compact magnetic alarm for discreet window/door protection that comes with a siren (110db+). It is available for $12.95.

Another product launched by the company is the PIR Motion Alarm ($34.95), a Passcode protected security alarm with motion detection. This alarm is password protected, sounds when any activity is detected and comes with 120 degree wide angle detection with multi-directional mounting bracket.

Other new products launched by the company include a Magnetic Keypad Door Alarm ($24.95), a Passcode protected doorway security alarm with siren, an Anti-Flood Alarm ($19.95), Ceiling Alarm ($39.95) with 360 degree motion detection, as well as a Wireless Doormat Chime ($49.99).

Swann's Vice President Global Marketing, Jeremy Stewart said, "It is a well established fact that most break-ins occur in houses where there is no alarm system. By fitting the most obvious points of entry with alarm systems that immediately emit a loud alarm upon attempted entry, in most cases potential intruders will simply take flight and any threat is averted."

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