Mobotix Door Station Provides Online Control

Written by Mendelson Tiu     17/06/2010 | 22:57 | Category: SECURITY & INTERCOMS

Mobotix has launched a new video door station that can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world.

Mobotix Door Station Provides Online Control

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The Mobotix T24 IP Video Door Station comes with access control and additional home automation components that enable the station to be controlled using a smart phone.

According to Australian distributor, Madison Technologies, when the doorbell rings, a connection is established with a VoIP video phone, a standard computer or tablet computer via the network.

"This makes it possible for a homeowner to conduct video conversations with visitors at the door and open the door remotely from anywhere in the world," said the company.

Digital voice messages can be left at the door station and accessed later. Access rights can also be customised conveniently and easily by entering a PIN code or using an RFID transponder.

The T24 captures the entire entrance area without any blind spots, from wall to wall, floor to ceiling. Events outside the building's door can be recorded continuously or on an event-controlled basis with lip-synchronised sound recorded automatically on integrated memory.

The station can be connected and supplied with power via an Ethernet cable or via bell wire, if using Mobotix own Mx2wire, making the T24 easy to upgrade at very little cost.