Street Cameras That See Right Through You Boobs And All

Written by David Richards and Wire Services     29/01/2007 | 11:59 | Category: SECURITY & INTERCOMS

The Sun newspaper in London claims that the British Government are bracing themselves for a storm of public outrage over their controversial X-ray cameras scheme which would allow police and security offials to see right through the public.

Street Cameras That See Right Through You Boobs And All

The Sun goes on to claim that as part of the most shocking extension of Big Brother powers ever planned, lenses in lampposts would snap "naked" pictures of passers-by to trap terror suspects. See:,,2-2007040610,00.html

The proposal is contained in leaked documents drawn up by the Home Office and presented to PM Tony Blair's working group on Security, Crime and Justice. The Australian government are also aware of the technolgy.

But the prospect of the State snooping on individuals' most private parts is certain to spark national fury.

And officials are battling to find a way of dealing with that reaction.

A January 17 memo seen by The Sun discusses the cameras, which can see through clothes. It says "detection of weapons and explosives will become easier" and says cameras could be deployed in street furniture.

It adds: "Some technologies used in airports have already been used as part of police operations looking for drugs and weapons in nightclubs. These and others could be developed for a much more widespread use in public spaces.

"Street furniture could routinely house detection systems that would indicate the likely presence of a gun, for example."

But the document goes on to reveal fears at the public reaction.

Officials have agreed one solution would be to allow only women to monitor female subjects — although they admit this would be "very problematic" in crowds.

The memo says: "The social acceptability of routine intrusive detection measures and the operational response required in the event of an alarm are likely to be limiting factors.

"Privacy is an issue because the machines see through clothing."

Beside cameras, officials are also considering systems known as millimetre wave imaging and THz imaging and spectroscopy.

All are routinely used in airports and other secure places to detect explosives and weapons in luggage and on people.

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Air passengers are now chosen at random for full X-ray examinations — and must agree to it.

Technology could also be used to halt theft, with fingerprint scanners fitted to many items.

Elsewhere, tagged offenders could be sent electronic pulses to remind them not to re-offend.

Cops would also get the power to build a database of everyone in the land. Three-dimensional CCTV pictures would be coupled with records of people's mobile phones and even their travel cards to get details of their movements and habits.

Facial recognition systems to help track individuals' movements are also being considered.