HAI Updates Multi-Room Audio Control With iPhone App

Written by Marie Jones     28/01/2011 | 00:20 | Category: SECURITY & INTERCOMS

HAI Communications, which manufactures automation and security products, has upgraded its Snap-Link Mobile for iPhone which will allow users to control their multi-room music system from an Apple iPhoneT, iPod TouchT and iPadT.

HAI Updates Multi-Room Audio Control With iPhone App

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The Version 1.2 software update adds control over HAI's new Hi-Fi 2 multi-room audio system, and its Music Gateway storage device, enabling users to view album art and meta-data such as artist name and track title from compatible devices, as well as change tracks from anywhere around the home.

"Homeowners who use HAI entertainment products now gain remote control over their entire audio systems without the need for a costly home control system", said HAI Associate Director of Marketing, Greg Rhoades.  "The handheld entertainment interface is perfect for control in homes, offices, restaurants, etc."

The iPhone app can now connect directly to the Hi-Fi 2 multi-room audio system for an affordable remote control touchscreen interface.  The app will recognise whether it is connecting to a whole home control system or simply to the Hi-Fi 2 , providing the appropriate screens and icons.

Additional improvements to the application include Pan/Tilt/Zoom control for Axis and Panasonic IP Cameras as well as DSC security system integration.

Homeowners and business managers also have the ability to view event logs, real-time surveillance footage, and adjust anything under HAI's control including lights, access control, appliances, temperatures, window coverings, audio, and more. 

Multiple accounts are able to be accessed from within the same application, and the app allows access to the HAI Omni or Lumina equipped property in English, Catalan, Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish.  Users have the ability to adjust small settings such as wake-up time and irrigation hours, as well as the ability to show or hide specific items.

The application is available now in Apple's iTunes Store for $49.99.

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