Wavetrain Brings Fire-FX Media Systems To Oz

Written by Martin Kovacs     18/01/2016 | 21:35 | Category: SOUND

Wavetrain Distribution has recently seen the expansion of its home cinema and custom installation portfolio with the addition of American hi-end home cinema media system manufacturer Fire-FX to its brands line-up.

Wavetrain Brings Fire-FX Media Systems To OzThe new technology allows content to be streamed quicker than ever before claim Company executives.

Deriving its name from the military term "Fire for Effect", relating to the switching of fire in combat to deliver maximum effect on a target, the Texas-based, veteran-owned-and-operated Fire-FX operates under the mantra of providing customers "the best, fastest, most intuitive way to store, control and experience their media content".

Among the Fire-FX product line-up being ranged by Wavetrain is the UPLAY universal media player, which partners with storage devices such as a network shares, NAS or USB devices.

Wavetrain has also brought Fire-FX's D Series Media System desktop series system and R Series Media System rack mount system to the local market, which partner with Fire-FX NAS units, referred to as HUBs (DHUB, RHUB), scaling from 6 TB up to 30 TB.

Fire-FX runs Linux OS on all its devices, with the HUB coming loaded with embedded software to assist in
manage downloading of content in the cloud, securely, via Usenet services, also designed to intelligently rename and organise files.

Fire-FX also recently included the RIMP (rack mount importer), which rips DVD and Blu-ray with bit for bit copies.

"Most domestic media players struggle with reliability, the quality of this category has never been there," Wavetrain Cinemas managing director David Moseley commented. "Thankfully Fire-FX fills the gap in the medium-end media server category.

"We expect a compelling, high-quality media system to reflect well on our cinema projects and are very pleased with Fire-FX and what it delivers to our dealers, right down to the end user."

UPLAY, DPLAY and RPLAY core features:

- Capable of 7.1 digital TrueHD audio output
- Universal container and codec support: supporting nearly every media codec and file container
- Simple setup: UPLAY supports most third party NAS devices with open media shares and non-DRM protected media; DPLAY automated DHUB detection and mounting on network; RPLAY automated RHUB detection and mounting on network
- Language support: fully supports many languages out of the box
- Subtitles on the fly: allows users to search the internet for subtitles and apply them "on the fly"
- Weather feature: ties to local weather conditions and forecasts, updating live
- Cinema FX: Optional Cinema mode, playing trailers of movies coming to theatres soon and pre-show movie theatre videos
- Gigabit Ethernet support
- Database-driven media manager with automated metadata scraper

- Near silent operation
- Tiny footprint (RPLAY 1U footprint)
- UPLAY, DPLAY can be deployed in either vertical or horizontal configuration
- Native support for IR and TCP/IP-based control systems, including but not limited to Crestron, RTI, Control4, Savant, Elan, Vantage and URC Total Control
- Smartphone and tablet (iOS and Android) remote control apps available

DHUB and RHUB smart NAS core features:

- DHUB: 4 TB to 8 TB standard configurations (up to 12 TB available on custom orders); RHUB 6 TB to 8 TB standard 1U configurations (up to 30 TB available on custom 2U configurations)
- Active RAID 5 protection: stored media is automatically protected, if a drive fails, simply swap with a new one and data is restored
- Automated Usenet service support: download using the energy-efficient DHUB/RHUB to leverage the power of cloud computing
- FIRE-LINK automated network configuration
- Stream and download library media to any Android/IOS/PC devices over Wi-Fi and 3G