Sonos Bridges The Last Wireless Frontier

Written by Manisha Kanetkar     25/10/2007 | 01:06 | Category: SOUND

Sonos has launched a new product called the ZoneBridge (BR100) which cuts the final cord in the multi-room audio system to make it completely wireless.

Sonos Bridges The Last Wireless Frontier

The ZoneBridge is essentially a wireless 'bridge' for the Sonos multi-room audio system. Once you plug it in to your router, a push of a button will get it instantly hooked up to the Sonos wireless mesh network, so it will communicate wirelessly to all the ZonePlayers you might have in the house.

ZonePlayers, of course, already communicate wirelessly, but until now have needed a cable link to a router. The ZoneBridge thus has the advantage of allowing you to save the more expensive ZonePlayer base unit for a room that doesn't house your router. You can also use the ZoneBridge to extend the range of the Sonos system to stream wirelessly to far away rooms in a large house.

"ZoneBridge provides a cost-effective, flexible solution to connect Sonos to the Internet and wirelessly control and play all the music you love, all over the house," said Sonos President and COO Phil Abram.

An additional advantage is that the ZoneBridge has two Ethernet ports to bring Internet connectivity to your set-top box, PVR, PC or other device as well.

Also announced today is the new Sonos System Software 2.5.  Sonos 2.5 is a software update which the company says allows you to more easily find and play music around the house.  The one-button software update features music search as well as other enhancements.

The Sonos system comprises of the wireless Sonos Controller from which you control and select your music and the Sonos ZonePlayer - there are two models - the ZP80 which plugs into a hi-fi speaker system and the ZP100 which has an amplifier built-in.

RRP: $189