Online Music For The Home From Linn

Written by Branko Miletic     23/04/2008 | 02:29 | Category: SOUND

Jim Tate Stereo has released the Sneaky Music DS which is designed to deliver premium audio performance and combine digital streaming with pre and power amplification in one compact unit for home networks.

Online Music For The Home From Linn

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The system is made to simply connect to a home network, alongside any music storage and loudspeaker system, and allows users to experience premium audio performance with the convenience of accessing music or internet radio from anywhere in the home.

Sneaky Music DS is also designed to play the most widely-used open audio formats available on the market, including FLAC, WAV and MP3, as well as all the Linn digital streaming products that support Studio Master Quality downloads (24 bit 192khz, the highest quality download available).

The music is quickly and easily accessed and controlled through a hand-held wireless touchscreen, PC, laptop or IR handset. (ie: Samsung Q1, Nokia N800, Phillips Pronto and the existing Nokia N95 Mobile phone) and users can combine more than one Sneaky Music DS in a system for an easy, accessible multi-room solution.