KEF Moves To Flog Cheap In Ceiling Speakers As Consumers Move To Wireless

Written by David Richards     05/10/2015 | 08:33 | Category: SOUND

KEF is set to use this year's CEDIA show in the USA to launch a new range of entry-level in-ceiling speakers despite the fact that many consumers are giving custom installation a miss in favour of new wireless speakers.

KEF Moves To Flog Cheap In Ceiling Speakers As Consumers Move To Wireless
The new Kef offering come with thin bezels and are its thinnest-ever square architectural speaker, there is also a shallow-mount in-wall/in-ceiling subwoofer, and its first THX Select 2-certified architectural speaker.

The entry-level series is the E series, which replaces the entry-level Classis series models but adds thin bezels with magnetic grilles in line with the rest of KEF's architectural speakers. The series also brings KEF's Uni-Q driver technology to a lower price point. All are round models due next year in Australia.

Uni-Q driver design mounts a tweeter within a woofer to act as a single point source that widens off-axis response so listeners can sit anywhere in the room without a loss of sound quality, the company said.

The E-series withstands salt-spray and humid environments for use in bathrooms, yachts and other environments that other speakers in its price-range simply cannot be considered for," the company said.

The two speakers are also "the shallowest that we know of in the industry," a spokesperson said. They can be mounted in areas where ductwork, electrical conduits or plumbing would prevent other speakers from being used.

KEF will also show a new shallow-mount Ci200TRb in-wall / in-ceiling subwoofer using a new 8-inch driver requiring less than 1.97 inches of mounting depth. Additional details were unavailable.

Two years ago, the company launched its first two THX Ultra2 in-wall LCRs and an Ultra2 round in-ceiling speaker for use in larger rooms.

All KEF architectural speakers, including the E-series models, are manufactured to marine-grade construction standards, so grilles are plated and powder-coated, and moisture-resistant terminations and finish materials are used. Plastics are UV-protected.