Audio Products Roll Out Home Theatre Remote

Written by Mike Wheeler     25/11/2008 | 04:23 | Category: SOUND

Audio Products has released a wireless remote that is designed to manage all the components in a home theatre system including television, home theatre receiver and up to 14 additional sources such as DVD players and cable/satellite receivers.

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The Niles iC2 remote is to target the growing segment of customers who prefer an easy to see button based wireless remote that automates even the most complicated home theatres with a single touch.

It consists of two components - an elegant user-interface with easy to read buttons and a main system unit that manages all other components in a home theatre system.

It can accommodate virtually any home theatre design and is equipped with advanced Zig Bee wireless technology to ensure reliable operation of system turn-on/set-up procedures from the touch of a single button. With the Niles iC2 system, custom installation professionals can now offer their clients rewarding home theatre viewing experiences that anyone in the family can access from the intuitive user interface. Even young children and seniors can now enjoy home theatre with none of the hassles associated with synchronising and operating increasingly complicated home theatre systems, claims the manufacturer.

During system configuration, the installer answers a series of logical questions after which the system is automatically configured and transferred to the main unit via Niles' Capture Station.

Other features include:

  • Master Keys can be custom labelled to reflect user preferences and specific equipment
  • A remote back-light feature enables operation in low ambient lighting conditions
  • Specialised buttons for addressing to-days DVRs and cable/satellite receivers
  • Intelligent Systems Management and Synchronization technology ensure the system works every time
  • Control to home theatre products via IR or RS232
  • Assignable 12V outputs and relays for automated devices
  • Flash Memory ensures customised system programming that never gets lost in power blackouts or interrupted supply.