Easy Audio Distribution With Harman Kardon

Written by Mendelson Tiu     18/09/2008 | 06:23 | Category: SOUND

Harman Kardon has rolled out a new multiroom audio product that can distribute audio, power, and control signals to any room in your home.

Easy Audio Distribution With Harman Kardon

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Using the industry standard CAT5 cable, the ABH 4000 distributes stereo audio, power and control signals from up to four audio source components to up to four zones and eight room locations.

The AB 2 in-wall A-BUS keypad controller operates in conjunction with the ABH 4000 to provide source selection and control functions, and features a built-in stereo amplifier to power a pair of speakers in the remote zone.

The new ABH 4000 is a cost-effective way of creating a multi-zone audio system using just the source components, an ABH 4000 and AB 2 modules, and loudspeakers located in the remote zones.

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AB 2
The ABH 4000 can also add A-BUS multi-zone capability to any audio/video or stereo receiver via its loop-through audio connections, or expand the A-BUS capabilities of Harman Kardon's A-BUS/READY multi-room receivers.

Multiple ABH 4000s can be linked together for larger multi-zone systems.

The new A-BUS/READY multiroom products are available from Harman Kardon dealers now for the recommended retail prices of $899 (ABH 4000) and $299 (AB 2).

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