Garmin babyCam Provides Parents In-Vehicle GPS Video

Written by Martin Kovacs     20/10/2015 | 10:49 | Category: CAMERA & SECURITY

Garmin's new in-vehicle babyCam video monitor is designed to facilitate driver safety, wirelessly linking up with a compatible Garmin GPS for what Garmin states is the world's first video monitor navigation system.

Garmin babyCam Provides Parents In-Vehicle GPS VideoThe babyCam, mounted to a front or back-seat head rest, transmits video to the GPS navigator display, allowing parents to keep an eye on their route and monitor their child without turning around or pulling over.

Night vision additionally lets drivers view their children at night or in lowlight conditions without disturbance, while an adjustable viewing angle allows for monitoring of multiple children in the rear seats of a vehicle.

Drivers can use compatible voice-activated navigators to control babyCam, with a simple voice command allowing users to switch from the navigation display to the babyCam view, while babyCam reminds the driver to check for passengers when exiting a vehicle.

"We are excited to be the first company to create a new product category that integrates passenger video monitoring with GPS navigation," Matt DeMoss, Garmin Australasia general manager, commented.

"Having to awkwardly turn around or pull over on the side of the road to check on your child is simply unsafe. With babyCam, parents can easily monitor children as often as they need while running daily errands."

Garmin states the babyCam will be available in Australia in the 2016 first quarter, with pricing to be confirmed early next year.