Camera Car Safety Systems Could Save Lives

Written by      12/01/2007 | 01:31 | Category: CAMERA & SECURITY

The new camera-based sensing technology for cars currently under development could become more affordable and save lives, analysts say.

Camera Car Safety Systems Could Save Lives

According to a new study by ABI Research, automobile manufacturers are getting ready to take advantage of a number of different approaches to obstacle detection and that cameras will be used together with other sensor technologies.

"All major suppliers are actively working on camera-based sensing technology," says senior analyst David Alexander. "But they don't all agree on which applications will be first to take off in the market, or even which are best suited for camera sensors."

"As functionality improves, and image processing technology matures, the long-term future for automotive cameras is very positive," says Alexander. "The first OEMs to make low-cost, active safety systems available to the mass market should reap huge rewards and will help improve road safety for everyone."

The study also points out that most active safety system under current development has a camera sensor pencilled into its future. "Market interest could bode well for Tier One system developers such as Visteon, Siemens, Bosch, Continental, Hella, Iteris, Valeo, and coordinated media coverage (with help from government agencies) would deliver strong demand for the technology."

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