Avoid Speeding Tickets With Smart Technology

Written by Manisha Kanetkar     30/10/2006 | 03:53 | Category: CAMERA & SECURITY

Siemens has announced a system which claims to automatically recognize speed limits on traffic signs and even adjust your speed accordingly.

Avoid Speeding Tickets With Smart Technology

According to the company, the Pro-Pilot system uses a CMOS camera installed near the rear-view mirror to continuously scan the road for traffic signs. The images are then compared with patterns of speed limit signs stored in the system's memory.  If the software discovers a speed limit, the system notifies the driver by showing the value in the speedometer or in a head-up display.  If cruise control is on, the car automatically decelerates to stay within the speed limit. Siemens also claims the system can recognize changeable speed limits and signs which impose limits only at certain times.

But, you'll have to sit tight for a while as Siemens says the system is scheduled to into series production in about two years. Several auto-makers have already tried out the luxury test vehicle fitted with the system and "expressed strong interest in the recognition system", however, the system at this stage will only work in new vehicles as retro-fitting will be too expensive," the company said in a statement.

See: www.siemens.com