Car Navigation Dangerous -- Insurers

Written by Peter Diversi     21/02/2006 | 06:10 | Category: CAMERA & SECURITY

Drivers incorrectly using car satellite navigation are losing their concentration more than traditional map users, according to British-based Privilege Insurance.

Car Navigation Dangerous -- Insurers

The report, which surveyed 2000 people, found that one in 10 didn't set their destination before leaving their origin. It found that the users would then attempt to set their destination whilst driving and would take their eyes off the road for 10 seconds; which at 60km/h is claimed to equal the length of two football pitches.

The survey also claimed that one in eight drivers didn't bother to check the route they were unfamiliar with and relied on the technology to get them there. Privilege's managing director Ian Parker said "Our research shows even satellite navigation equipment, if used incorrectly, can lead to driver danger". Australian insurance companies are yet to confirm whether surveys were undertaken into the problems associated with car navigation systems here.

Car satellite navigation when used correctly is very practical for delivery and taxi drivers along with salespeople, product mangers and people on the go. The technology allows drivers to find a place properly with a minimum of fuss.