Slick Electric Scooter, No Petrol Needed

Written by Manisha Kanetkar     18/10/2007 | 05:12 | Category: DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY

Being eco-friendly is as high on the agenda these days as keeping petrol dollars down. Vectrix has offered a solution to both concerns in the form of its new Maxi-Scooter which runs entirely on electricity, meaning no more petrol bills - ever.

Slick Electric Scooter, No Petrol Needed

Designed for the urban commuter, the Vectrix offers 'plug and play' type fuelling - an onboard charger plugs into any standard 110/220v power outlet and charges the battery pack (80 percent charge) in two hours. The single charge will give you enough juice to ride up to 110 km.

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While environmentalists will point out that electricity is still not "clean energy," however it is an improvement on petrol-fuelled engines. Vectrix says the scooter produces zero emissions, whereas petrol scooters can produce up to ten times the pollution of the average car. It also claims to be virtually silent to run.

From a hip-pocket perspective, the scooter will cost about $45 (worth of electricity) to run each year, according to the company, plus with no oil to change or filters to replace, maintenance is at a minimum. Some governments also offer rebates and subsidies for owners of the scooter, Vectrix says.

But what about performance - many riders may ask? According to Vectrix the scooter can do 0 - 80 km/h in 6.8 seconds, with a top speed of 100km. Of course, since the scooter requires a two-hour charge for a 110km journey, it is not ideal for long road trips - rather for people needing to commute around the city.

RRP: $17,450