Toyota Intros Future Of In-Car Entertainment With Touchscreen Windows

Written by Matthew Lentini     29/07/2011 | 00:55 | Category: DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY

In-car entertainment has gotten a little more surreal on the back of some Toyota innovation that sees passenger car windows transformed into interactive sketchpads.

Toyota Intros Future Of In-Car Entertainment With Touchscreen Windows

Toyota has revealed an augmented reality system that is has been working on with the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design that turns a window into a touch sensitive screen that interacts with the outside world.

The car-maker's new technology, dubbed 'Window to the World', allows passengers to draw images onto their windows that interact with the scenery outside the car. In a demo video from Toyota's Belgian wing, a child is shown drawing a tree which then tracks along the window and out of view as the car begins to drive.

This is just one feature of a host of more impressive technologies, with the ability to zoom in sections of scenery by drawing and stretching a square on the window and pinpointing distances of landmarks.

It's not all in the windows either - a virtual constellation feature crops up on a panoramic roof display, pointing out star patterns and displaying information about them.

It's still a concept, first put on show last month at the Autoworld Museum in Brussels, but it does give a keen glimpse at the future of in-car entertainment and augmented reality.

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