Lexus Unveils Convertible Super Car

Written by SmartHouse Team     18/01/2008 | 00:16 | Category: DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY

Lexus has revealed a two-seater convertible version of its LF-A super car concept at the 2008 Detroit Motor Show - dubbed the LF-A Roadster.

Lexus Unveils Convertible Super Car

The company says the Roadster is based on the sturdy yet lightweight carbon-fibre and aluminium body used for the LF-A coupe, which helps maintain the structure's strength and rigidity even without a top.

It is powered by a V10 engine that approaches 5.0 litres in displacement, and is capable of producing more than 360 kilowatts and test-track speeds greater than 330km/h.

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The car is styled around the Lexus L-Finesse design philosophy, with a compact, low-profile, aerodynamic front end. It stands 122cm tall, with a speed adaptive rear wing.

The rear of the LF-A roadster is marked by a pair of wrap-around, arrowhead-shaped taillights that sit atop a pair of large grilles which vent heated air from the car's two rear-mounted radiators.

The radiators are fed cool air by two large intake ducts mounted just above the rear wheel wells.

The rear radiator positioning not only allowed the designers to keep the car's front profile low and tight but also aided the LF-A's chassis engineers in their search for optimal weight distribution.

Like the LF-A coupe, the brakes on the Roadster consist of 361mm cross-drilled, vented discs up front, and 345mm cross-drilled, vented discs at the rear. The front brake calipers are six-piston units and the rear calipers use four pistons each.

Lexus LF-A Roadster Concept Preliminary Specifications
Body Type: Two seat roadster

Type: Front-mid-engine, rear-mid-transaxle
Engine: V10 (under 5.0-litres)
Transmission: SMT (sequential manual transmission)
Horsepower: More than 360kW
Top Speed: More than 330km/h

Tyre Size
Front: 265/35R20
Rear: 305/30R20

Dimensions (mm)
Overall Length: 4460
Overall Width: 1895
Overall Height: 1210
Wheelbase: 2606