The Hottest Tech On The Road

Written by Mendelson Tiu     31/01/2008 | 02:04 | Category: ENTERTAINMENT

If you spend a lot of time on the road, gear up with these Road Warrior essentials, spanning GPS navigation systems, in-car sound systems and Bluetooth devices.

Nothing can be much more exciting than going to new places with friends or relatives. And no matter how prepared one may seem to be, there will always come a time when a traveler gets lost, tired and even, bored.

But luckily, the market is now overflowing with products made for a road warrior. Read on for a glimpse of innovative products that will change the way you travel, in more ways than one.

Take Me There!
In-Car Navigation

Navman N60i
Weighing in at 240g with a thickness of 23mm, Navman says that the N60i is slimmer and lighter than other navigators in its class. With an easy to use interface, 4.3-inch wide colour touch screen, up-to-date maps, and a NavPix program that combines exact geographical information with an image taken from its built-in camera, this navigator will definitely revolutionise the way you navigate accurately and reliably.

Mio DigiWalker c520

The Mio Digiwalker c520 is a navigator that is not only pre-loaded with the latest Sensis R14 mapping software, it also comes built-in with a media player, picture viewer, contact directory, and hands-free Bluetooth connectivity. And with a split-screen interface display accompanied by a turn-by-turn voice navigation in this device, the only thing you have to focus on is the long and winding road ahead.

Nokia 6110 Navigator

Incorporating a dedicated GPS Navigation System and a 3G mobile phone, the 6110 Navigator is simply heaven-sent. A simple, one-touch Navigation button makes it easy for anyone to shift from calling or sending text messages to loved ones, to navigating through the urban or rural jungle. Add other features like a 2 mega pixel camera sensor, Word, Excel, and PDF file attachment viewer and you got a powerful, all-around Navigation device at your disposal. Turn to page __ for a full review.

Pioneer AVIC-HD3

Forget those GPS navigation devices that only tell you where to go. Pioneer brings together navigation, entertainment, and communication with its AVIC-HD3. This 7-inch, double-DIN system allows you to simultaneously navigate and listen to your favorite digital tunes with its 10GB HDD. It also has Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free mobile phone communication, speech recognition, an iPod, rear camera and television control, and vehicle dynamics function that displays speed, acceleration Gs, lateral Gs, slope, angular velocity, battery voltage, and direction in real time. And yes, it also comes with a 3D Gyroscope and pre-installed mapping software (Whereis V13), making this one of the most jam packed navigation systems to date.

Listen To Every Beat 

Car Speakers

Pioneer TS-G Series
RRP $89 (TS-G1641R 2-way 160W)

Designed for shallow mounting, Pioneer says that its TS-G series speakers are built for performance, with clear, powerful and detailed sound for any audio fan. These speakers are made from durable Injected-Moulded Polypropylene Composite (IMPP) that withstands harsh conditions like heat, vibrations, moisture, UV, and dust. Moreover, the TS-G units are designed to fit into any application and its detachable mounting tabs make them easier to fit into vehicles designed for 2-hole mounting.

Sony Xplod XS-GTF6935B

Sony's new entry range of speakers use HDLD tweeters for wider, smoother frequency response giving an even better sound quality. With an HOP woofer cone that is lighter and stronger for better base response, the new 2-way speakers pump out 190W of power, while the 3-way speakers blast up to 300W of power. So go on, pump that track up anytime mate!

Clarion SRS1752HX
This 6.5-inch glass fiber cone woofer proises to reproduce musical sources so faithfully that the music sounds just like the instrument being played by the musician, Clarion says. And with a crossover network that distributes the correct signals to the woofers and tweeters, one will always have that perfect sound every time.

B&W In-car Audio System
Featuring Micro-Matrix speaker panels, 'Bass Beam' low frequency driver technology, Kevlar cone midrange speakers, diamond dome tweeters, selective-directivity arrays in the rear passenger compartment and a rear deck panel of bass and wide-dispersion drivers, B&W's first in-car audio system promises to create the high-quality sound reproduction users are looking for. Although this in-car audio system was made for Jaguar's C-XF concept car, B&W aims to mainstream this audio powerhouse and set a new standard for in-car entertainment.
Relax And Unwind
MP3 Players

Apple iPod
$499 (80GB)

If you want to a chic device that can store all your favourite music, photos, and movies, then the Apple iPod 80GB is for you. Now, up to 20,000 songs, 25,000 photos, 100 hours of video, or any combination of each can be accessed with a simple push of a button. So now, there is no reason for you not to satisfy your audio-visual thirst anytime, anywhere.

Creative Zen Vision: W

For a  PC alternative to the iPod, the Creative Zen Vision: W is quite a multi-tasker as it not only plays your music and videos on its 4.3-inch widescreen TFT LCD screen, but it also comes with a TV-out, integrated Compact Flash slot, FM radio, personal organiser, and voice recorder. Moreover, with an extensive line of accessories like additional batteries, car charger, and IR remote, your passengers will never get a chance to be bored.

Samsung YP-K3
$175 (2GB), $235 (4GB)

While relatively new to the music scene, the Samsung YP-K3 definitely makes its presence known with its thin profile, bright screen, touch sensitive pad, and surprisingly long battery life.
Add an exceptional audio quality, picture viewer, and an FM radio to the equation, and you get one of the best digital audio players to date.

Sony A800 Video MP3 Player
$499 (8GB)

Simplicity is probably the highlight of the Sony A800 Video MP3 Player with its simple drag and drop function for its supported audio and video files. If that's not enough, Sony claims that the A800 includes Clear Stereo and Clear BASS technologies that make it an audio masterpiece. And with Sony's promise of up to 30 hours of music playback, the fun never stops.

The Hassle-Free Choice

Music And Phone Accessories

Belkin Tunebase FM for iPod

Forget tuning in to those boring radio stations! With an improved FM transmitter, the Tunebase FM from Belkin will provide the family with countless hours of music from anyone's iPod. It has four programmable memory slots that let you find the clearest frequency for airing your tunes and a car power adapter to keep the iPod charged. The holder also secures your iPod and its flexible-steel neck allows effortless repositioning. So go ahead, play that track, DJ!

Motorola T605
$250 + Installation Costs

According to Motorola, the T605 offers one seamless solution that provides access to digital music and phone calls directly through a user's sound system. The 605 is designed to put the music on hold when a call comes in and automatically resumes when the call ends and increases the volume as background noise increases. It also has a 3.5mm stereo port for MP3 connections and supports Bluetooth 2.0, giving users connectivity to different products.

Plantronics Discovery 665


The Discovery 665 promises to quickly switch between a user's laptop, PDA, and mobile phone with its QuickPair technology. Plantronic says that the Discovery 665 digitally enhances the sound that comes from it, resulting to crystal clear calls. This headset also comes with a unique power charger with a call indicator light that ensures mobility. Finally, the Discovery 665 only weighs 9 grams and comes with three soft gel ear tips and an optional ear stabilizer loop, making you forget that it's just there.

Gear4 BluEye
Listen to the radio, answer or pick-up calls from your mobile, or listen to your tunes - Gear4's BluEye can do it all for you. This device makes listening to music a lot easier, thanks to its remote control functions. And when paired to a Bluetooth-compatible phone, the BluEye will automatically put your music on hold and alert you of an incoming call by displaying the caller's number on your iPod's screen. And if you get tired listening to your music, the BluEye's built-in FM tuner may continue to satisfy your aural urge.

So with all this great gear there's nothing left to do but to hit the road jack!