Pioneer Launches In-Car CD Player For iPod

Written by Mendelson Tiu     22/02/2008 | 06:20 | Category: ENTERTAINMENT

Pioneer has launched two new in-car CD players designed for improving sound quality and connectivity for all portable music devices, including the Apple iPod.

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Pioneer's DEH-P4050UB
The new head units are specifically made for Apple's iPod and will restore the harmonics lost during the audio compression process with its Advanced Sound Retriever technology, the company claims.

The Advanced Sound Retriever (ASR) is designed to enhance the quality of MP3 files from portable music devices such as iPod, USB and MP3 files stored on CD. ASR sound technology automatically restores the harmonics which were lost during the audio compression process and adjusts frequency response and sound pressure, especially in the high and low frequency ranges, to revitalise the density and presence of the compressed signal, the company says.

Pioneer claims that this technology will result to an improved sound quality with its staging, density and feeling restored closely to the quality of the original CD.

Pioneer's Product Manager for Mobile Electronics Group, Brenna Hanke said, "Music files are diluted in order for portable music devices like iPod to hold countless songs. Pioneer's ASR job is to restore the music files that have been lost in the audio compression process. Put simply, Pioneers ASR technology equals better, bigger sound from portable music devices and MP3 files stored on disc."

The DEH-P6050UB and DEH-P4050UB are both ready for direct connection to your iPod and displays song, artist, time and album information on the headunit. The system's wired USB connection provides direct digital signal transfer from the iPod for clean, clear sound and comes with a 7-way rotary commander for easy music browsing.

See over for product specifications.

Product Specifications:

- New iPod functionality (control mode, List key and Alphabet search)
- Fast playback of music from USB
- Pioneer's new ASR technology
- Better Audio focus (7 band digital graphic EQ)
- Dot-Matrix Animated OEL Display

- New iPod functionality (control mode, List key)
- Fast playback of music from USB
- Pioneer's new ASR technology
- 3 preouts

Availability and Pricing:

The two in-car CD players will be available later this month and will have an RRP of $549 and $399 for the DEH-P6050UB and DEH-P4050UB, respectively.