Pioneer Gets Serious With Car Audio

Written by Sarah Falson     26/09/2007 | 07:01 | Category: ENTERTAINMENT

Pioneer will launch a complete range of audiophile-grade in-car speakers and sound equipment for music-lovers on-the-go, including two CD tuners, two speaker systems, and various subwoofer and amplifier models.

Due next month, the Pioneer Reference Series (PRS) draws on the Japanese company's long history in audio development and technology and its faithfulness to high-quality audio.

The Pioneer TS-W8102SPL 38cm in-car subwoofer (RRP $1,999) boasts 8,000 watts of power with dual 2-ohm voice coils, weighing in at a massive 42kg.

The new range of components "bring music to life" by faithfully reproducing the frequency range to produce true sound, with individual instruments isolated and vocals detailed so even the tremor in voices can be heard, according to Pioneer.

'The PRS range is the ultimate expression of Pioneer's achievements in car audio, engineered purely for sound performance. This design philosophy is reflected in every element of the range, from the systems build to the quality components used, all working together to create a premium audio experience' said Pioneer Electronics mobile entertainment group training and technical support manager, John Graham.

New models in the range are as follows:

DEH-P80RS CD Tuner RRP $799
DEX-P90RS Component CD Tuner RRP $1,899
DEQ-P90 Component Processor RRP $1,099 
TS-C171PRS Component Speaker System RRP $599
TS-C131PRS Component RRP $549
TS-W810SPL Subwoofer RRP $1,999
TS-W5102SPL Subwoofer RRP $1,499
TS-W3001D4 Subwoofer RRP $329
TS-W2501D4 Subwoofer RRP $279
TS-W12PRS Subwoofer RRP $399
PRS-D1100M Mono Amplifier RRP $549
PRS-D2100T 2-Channel ICEpower amplifier RRP $499
PRS-D4100F 4-Channel ICEpower amplifier RRP $549

Pioneer's proprietary ICEpower compensates for any differences between the input signal and the amplified signal, suppressing distortion and counteracting imperfections in the power supply, according to the company.