B&W Fit Out New Luxury Jaguar

Written by SmartHouse Team     15/01/2008 | 00:27 | Category: ENTERTAINMENT

Last year loudspeaker specialist Bowers & Wilkins helped create the Jaguar C-XF concept car. The C-XF has now spawned the new Jag XF, and B&W will be the driving force behind the sound system.

B&W Fit Out New Luxury Jaguar

The top of the range version of the Jaguar XF luxury saloon will be fitted out with a specially designed 14-speaker sound system courtesy of Bowers & Wilkins.

The loudspeaker system consists of four metal dome tweeters, nine Kevlar midrange units and sub. Everything is specially designed and tailored, including the drivers. And it's all (pardon the pun) driven by a Dolby Pro Music II 7.1-channel system.
The system marks the first time a car maker has altered the shape of the chassis to accommodate the top notch sound system - clearly Jaguar is as serious about luxury audio as it is about luxury driving.

According to B&W's Martin Lindsay: "Great cars need an audio experience to match."