Parrot Asteroid Puts Android In The Driver's Seat This August

Written by Matthew Lentini     25/07/2011 | 06:34 | Category: ENTERTAINMENT

Wireless device maker Parrot looks set to launch its anticipated Android-based in-car receiver soon following a media demo coming in late August.

Parrot Asteroid Puts Android In The Driver

Parrot is set to reveal the in-car game changer, dubbed Asteroid, on August 25 in Sydney.

The Internet-enabled receiver lapped up attention earlier this year at CES in Las Vegas, drawing eyes onto the modified Android operating system that could run in-car apps on a 3.2 inch screen and function on voice commands.

The first-of-its-kind Android device features Bluetooth compatibility that, when coupled with these voice functions, allows drivers to link up phones and other devices wirelessly and lets users scroll through songs on their devices using their voice.

It also features USB ports and an SD card slot for addition inputs, spanning music, video and picture content.

The unit stands out for its Android operating system that gives users a wide range of web services and apps like Asteroid-specific GPS navigation at the touch of a finger (or a word of the mouth, more likely) while driving.

It's not all wireless though, with a physical dial, back button, home button, answer/hang up buttons and a number of other switches across the fascia.