Pioneer Headunits Provide Total Entertainment

Written by Mendelson Tiu     09/03/2010 | 22:46 | Category: ENTERTAINMENT

Pioneer has launched sixteen new in-car audio products that include headunits with built-in iPod and SD Card connectivity, media centre receivers, and multimedia headsets.

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In addition to now offering iPod, iPhone, USB and CD connectivity, nine new models across the headunit range will now accept an SD card. This will allow users to store enormous amounts of your music on a single card.

In addition to offering endless music connectivity, Pioneer's 2010 in-car headunit rage also boasts improved user interface, customisable displays, bullet-proof Bluetooth, as well as unrivalled sound quality and SPL (Sound Pressure Levels).

The 2010 headunit line-up features dedicated buttons, providing fast access and control of your music, mobile phone and key audio settings. Some of the stand-out functions at your fingertips include Linkplay Function, Quick Access and List Search.

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The company has also launched a two 'Mechless headunits' that will not be equipped with either a CD or DVD mechanism. The new Media Centre Receiver models (the MVH-8250 and MVH-8250BT) will offer AM/FM, iPod, SD card, Aux-in and USB connectivity, as well as Bluetooth on one model (MVH-8250BT). They will both be launched on April 10.

Pioneer's Product Manager for the Mobile Entertainment Group, Daniele Mariani said, "As with the introduction of tape, CD and DVD players in the car, Pioneer's Media Centre Receiver products belong to a new category driven by a consumer trend.  Similar to how we progressed from tape to CD, a large portion of consumers today no longer store their music on a CD disc, but instead carry their music around in their pockets, stored on a portable music player like an iPod/iPhone, or a USB stick/SD card."

The Pioneer MVH-8250 and MVH-8250BT units are single DIN receivers that come with a built-in 3-inch screen as the digital interface for audio and video capabilities. With a 7-way rotary commander, track selection on both units is quick and easy, while a new on-screen display gives full access to all the playlists, album art, videos and more on a connected iPod or iPhone.

Both units offer playback of MP3, WMA and iTunes AAC music files via USB and SD memory card. The USB port is located directly on the front panel of the receivers and the SD card slot is positioned discreetly behind the partially detachable front panel.

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Finally, Pioneer has unveiled four new 'AVH' multimedia headunits, designed to deliver high-quality audio and video from CD, DVD, SD, USB and an iPod or iPhone.

All models are equipped with a new, intuitive graphical user interface and large LCD touch screens for easy control. Customisable menu items, button illumination and a variety of background designs allow you to perfectly match your system to your car interior or mood.

The new AVH series multimedia receivers transform your car into a complete multimedia hub, enabling seamless integration to many of the most popular portable devices.

An advanced on-screen Slide Touch feature makes it easy to steer through the control menus and large media lists simply by touching and dragging the text on the screen. In addition, the systems' tabbed menus enable fast navigation, while Quicklinks allow you to jump to the source menu or iPod content with just a single touch of the screen.