Carmakers To Put Digital Radios Into New Models

Written by Branko Miletic     15/07/2008 | 06:11 | Category: ENTERTAINMENT

More and more carmakers are adding digital radio tuners in their bid to add the latest electronics in new models, according to USA Today.

Carmakers To Put Digital Radios Into New Models

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The latest carmaker, according to the report is Hyundai, which this month "will offer digital radio, also known as HD Radio in its latest sedans".

Among others says the article, BMW already offers an HD tuner as a stand-alone option, and Volvo is going to offer HD Radio standard on most models early next year.

Globally, more than 1,700 radio stations broadcast an HD digital signal, as well as the traditional analog signal, up from just 11 in 2002.

And because digital radio uses less of a station's allotted bandwidth, many also air second or third signals of specialised shows, according to USA Today.

Most Vauxhall (i.e. General Motors) models in the UK now come with a digital radio fitted and Mitsubishi has integrated a digital radio receiver as standard equipment into some of its utility range, along with Ford as well.

Audi has extended the electronics platform currently in the A6, which includes digital radio, to all of its models, a process which started earlier this year, and Mercedes-Benz cars with digital radio units were released in Europe last year.