CES 2013: Audi Self Driving Cars, Toyota 'Safety Vehicle'

Written by Oonagh Reidy     08/01/2013 | 23:40 | Category: INDUSTRY

Yes folks, Audis are now connected to the Internet.

Welcome to CES 2013. Let the tech begin.

CES 2013 is now in full swing in Vegas and here is one of our favourites:

Internet controlled Audis, or more specifically, Google.

"Whenever I do not want to drive, I can let my Audi drive for me."

That is Euro car giant Audi's vision of auto piloted driving, a concept already made popular by Google's controlled self driving cars.

Audi says it is the only car maker "to offer Google voice command in a car connected to the Internet." Navigation is helped by Google Maps.

However, these cars won't be driverless, the driver still needs to be at the wheel but the car will have the know-how to control the vehicle in most situations.

And Audi execs confirmed at CES 2013 the will begin testing on Nevada roads pretty soon but did not have any idea when the self driving cars will become a reality.

Toyota, the world's biggest car maker, and Lexus are also showing off its anti accident "Advanced Active Safety Research Vehicle" at CES and already released video footage of a Lexus Safety Research Vehicle with sensors on the front, rear and a curious sensor spinning on the roof.

The sensor technology includes HD stereo cameras, Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) laser tracking which maps out objects ahead including traffic lights.

The safety technology will reduce 'future traffic fatalities and injuries' and is deisgned to help the driver improve his or her driving skills, say Toyota, unlike Audi who is happy for its car to do most of the driving. 

Other motor related tech debuted at CES this week are: voice-controlled dashboards; in-dash apps for Facebook and Google Local Search; apps that let you control the car with your smartphone.

Driving will never be the same again.