Expose Dodgy Drivers With Uniden Black-Box Cameras

Written by Tony Ibrahim     21/01/2013 | 06:15 | Category: INDUSTRY

Uniden's iGo cameras intuitively recognise when accidents are going to happen and begin recording in an effort to deter fraudulent claims.

Uniden's iGo cam range consists of two cameras, the iGo Cam 300 and the iGo Cam 800. The iGo Cam 300 is a single HD camera capable of Infrared night vision recording, while the iGo Cam 800 features dual cameras for a view of the front and rear of the car. The cameras subtly mount onto the vehicle's windshields for a clear view of what's behind and in front of you.

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Thanks to a series of sensors and software wits, these cameras take abnormal driving patterns as a cue to start recording High Definition video. It's not wayward driving alone which sets them off; if your parked car is hit, the impact will trigger their recording function.

The cameras will also begin recording if someone hits into your car while it's parked—whether the ignition is on or not. Alternatively, drivers can activate a continuous recording mode.

The recorded video can then be used to expose fraudulent claims to insurance companies or the police.

Installing, configuring and operating the iGo cams is an easy task as they're plug and play devices. They can easily be transferred between vehicles and are compatible with microSD memory cards.

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Uniden's iGo Cam range is available from electronic retailers now.

iGO Cam 300 RRP $79.95
·Ultra Compact Design
·1.5" LCD colour screen

iGO Cam 800 RRP $149.95
·2" LCD colour screen
·2 x 180º swivel cameras to capture extra wide footage whether from front or back of the vehicle
·Anti-shaking function for ultra clear recording