Black Box For Cars Launched In OZ

Written by Computer Daily News     05/06/2012 | 23:22 | Category: INDUSTRY

All commercial aircraft have black boxes to establish what happened in the event of a crash. Now your car can have something similar.

Black Box For Cars Launched In OZ

IT and consumer electronics accessories company Laser Corporation has unveiled its new Crash Cam black box recorder with GPS tracking, a device claimed to be the world's smallest high-definition in-car digital video recording device, along with a GPS tracker.

Recording automatically activates when the engine is started and stops when the car is switched off. This provides a recorded eyewitness account, including speed of travel, in the event of a driving incident or car collision. If there's a robbery, the device can establish the driver or thief responsible, Laser Corp. says.

The tracker allows users to view recorded video footage, speed and location taken from anywhere in the world.

The box can be purchased online at or through "selected retailers" at a recommended $199.95