Navman Adds MiVue 388 To Its Digital Drive Recorder Line Up

Written by Tym Yee     01/05/2013 | 16:02 | Category: NAVIGATION

GPS market leader Navman has released a device that will record your traffic accidents which could then help you prove who is at fault in the event of an incident.

Navman Adds MiVue 388 To Its Digital Drive Recorder Line Up
Following the launch of Navman's MiVue digital drive recorder range in late 2012, Navman has released the top of the line MiVue 388 with highly advanced features including GPS tracking, speed information, and a new flexible mount design. With these extra functions the MiVue 388 captures even more detailed information to protect drivers against fraudulent accident claims, road rage incidents and claims it will help to capture who is at fault if a collision occurs. The device can also capture your off road adventures and scenic routes that you can share with others.

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The new GPS tracking feature on the 388 offers even more evidence of driving events by using a built-in GPS receiver so motorists can track and view the routes they have travelled. The tracking feature is also useful for commercial and fleet drivers as it allows drivers to track their routes, while the device additionally works to capture any incidents that occur along the way.

The MiVue 388 also displays GPS co-ordinates that will help you work out the exact spot an incident took place. The device additionally shows you the speed you were travelling when a collision happened as well as the real time it happened - offering even more proof of how the incident unfolded.  

Meanwhile the new rotating mount design on the 388 also means the device is less likely to miss blind spots as it offers you the flexibility of positioning the device to suit your car. 

"In designing the range, we really thought about how even the smallest details can make the biggest difference when drivers are involved in an accident, especially when reporting events to police and insurance companies." Said Wendy Hammon, Country Director Navman Australia and New Zealand. 

"That's why we have added an in-built GPS that provides you with more evidence when you are involved in an accident" she added.

Display and Sharing

The MiVue 388 has a 2.4 inch LCD display, includes 1080 Full HD recording and captures a 120 degree wide angle view. The MiVue 388 also has a nifty parking mode that will record information while your car is parked so if anyone hits your car while it is stationary, you can gather evidence without even being there. 
Advanced Optics allows the device to capture footage in low light areas, such as car parks and while driving at night, while the six glass lens produces sharp images with intense colours so footage can even be captured clearly in fog or wet weather conditions. A photo mode option means you can take the device out of the car and collate picture evidence. 
Once you have gathered footage, you can view it on your computer. You can even share recordings on social media sites (with Navman's MiVue Manager Desktop software).  This enables you to share clips of any scenic drives you have been on, such as off road adventures or ocean view drives. 
The MiVue 388 requires a microSD card (at least 8GB, class 6 or higher) to operate which is not included. 
The device will available at all electronics retailers in mid-May 2013 and has an RRP of $279.