TomTom's You Talk To

Written by Oonagh Reidy     12/10/2012 | 01:43 | Category: NAVIGATION

TomTom now knows you by the sound of your voice.

TomTom Via 260
The GPS maker today released the TomTom Via 260 and 280, with 'Speak & Go' function that lets drivers control their GPS device by voice alone.

This feature is also useful for making hands-free calls, helping drivers keep both hands on the wheel and focus on the road.

Speak & Go recognises over 1,000 commands and synonyms, so drivers can talk naturally and input addresses and instructions.

TomTom Via 260 (with a 4.3" screen) is priced at $179, and the Via 280 (with a larger 5" screen) costs $199.

 The TomTom Via 260 and 280 also offer hands-free calling via Bluetooth that works with Speak & Go, enabling drivers to make and answer calls handsfree. The new GPS devices also offer improved IQ routes and lets you save frequent destinations.

"Using voice instructions with the TomTom Via 260 and 280 is now one of the many ways we work to help drivers make their journeys safer," says Chris Kearney, TomTom, Vice President Asia Pacific.

"Speak & Go allows for complete focus and concentration on the road at all times. Just name an address, a point of interest or simply say 'take me home', and TomTom will quickly plan your route from your current location. Interacting with your navigation device has never been easier. It slots perfectly into your everyday drive."

The Via 260 and 280 also features TomTom's lifetime free daily map changes.

Updates are based on reports from TomTom's Map Share community of 21 million, and help drivers deal with frequent road changes such as new speed limits and blocked roads.

The TomTom Via 260 and 280 are available from retailers or at