How Dumb IS AAMI

Written by David Richards     25/08/2012 | 03:34 | Category: COMMENT

AAMI has to be one of the dumbest insurance companies when it comes to marrying their online operations with their traditional paper system.

How Dumb IS AAMI

Earlier today I went online to purchase a green slip from AAMI. After five minutes of obtaining a quote I decided to go ahead with the transaction.

After entering the details for my motor vehicle, my application was rejected with a message claiming the registration number of my vehicle already existed in the AAMI system.

A call to the AAMI help line resulted in an operator telling me the registration number for my vehicle did not exist on their system. When I told her that I had a renewal certificate from AAMI she finally found the former CTP green slip for the vehicle.

This is when a farcical comedy unfolded.

Firstly I was told that I cannot proceed with an online transaction as a quote already existed in their system.

Then I was told that I cannot pay over the phone for the renewal quote as I was dealing with the online transaction department.

When I ask to be transferred to a person who could take a transaction payment over the phone, I was told that this couldn't happen either.

When I asked how I could pay, the operator said "I don't know".

I was then told that as it was 1.00pm the call centre was closing down for the weekend.

This appears to be another dumb marketing initative as many Australians often find time over a weekend to attend to administration needs like car insurance and registration.

One only has to walk into the North Sydney RTA offrice of a Saturday morning to realise this.

Their actions smack of an organisation that puts systems first and the needs of a customer second.

It also shows how easy one can lose a customer with a sour online experience because some dumb IT executive coupled with AAMI marketing have not worked out that when a customer comes online to pay, they are doing it because of the convenience of online transactions.

This is a Company that spends millions bragging about their "Lucky that you are with AAMI" message; maybe more should be spent on computer systems and customer service.

Currently I have several vehicles registered with AAMI, never again.

The answer for me was five minutes online with GIO and I had my green slip.

Do you have a bad AAMI experience you want to tell me about?

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